I’m Back!

I can’t believe it has been two years since I posted to this blog. Contrary to obvious belief, I am not a literary slackass. At. All. I’ve been busy, oh, you know, having a new baby boy! I have also finished the second draft of my memoir which I’m so excited about. During my maternity leave with my son, I began work on a middle grade novel, too. So yeah, I’ve been fairly well occupied.
Bu-ut the Muse has been poking me in my doughy gut about this blog. Apparently, she has plans, and a few thing she wants to say. I must comply so she will let me sleep. Lately, she’s been worse than my son on the snoozing front–at least he sleeps through the night!
So please bear with me while I get this show back on the road. I have plenty of stories to tell about writing and being creative with a family in tow. I will share anecdotes about typing the final pages of my book while my three-year-old draws on my toes with marker. We will rejoice together in the ecstasy of two children simultaneously napping, and we will bemoan the perils of squished puffed cereal in the computer’s USB port thingy. Oh, yeah, and I will discuss the logistics of breastfeeding and writing…at the same time! Yes, friends, it can be done!

And, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to write about acquiring an agent, and GASP, publishing a book! Now wouldn’t that be just spiffy. If not, no biggie. We can hang out together a couple of times per week over Diet Cokes and Teddy bear crackers and talk about the sanity that creativity affords us. While we’re at it, maybe one of you can tell me what to do about the crayons melted onto the load of clothes I just took out of the dryer.

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