Artistic Fiber for Creative Cork Popping!

Check here periodically for creative laxatives I post to help you move from rabbit pellety work to writing that’s smoothly tapered and comfortable. Yes, you may chuckle now and note that I am completely full of shit. Anyway, I’ve mixed in a few “Quit Farting Around and Ripple the Universe” challenges with some writing prompts and link-up badges I stalk around the web. I’ve got to keep the keep myself regular, too, you know. Visit periodically for updates and ideas.

Being Crazy Isn’t Enough: a post I wrote for Seussian inspiration…

Quit Farting Around and Ripple the Universe: Challenge #1

I made this one in March in response to the devastation caused by the early tornado outbreaks.

Has your life or that of a loved one or acquaintance been permanently altered by a natural disaster? How? Use your medium to describe the event, then show how you/your friend found hope in the situation.

Post a link to the work in the comments section below. You probably know how to upload your stuff to Youtube if it’s an applicable format for you. If not, do like I did and find a teenager to help you. I’m lucky to have pretty easy access to two of them, which I would be happy to hire out for a price. College tuition is expensive these days!

If you’re a writer, I found this WAY cool site called Scribd ( that will allow you to upload and link to your writing. The site description says that it wants to be a “Youtube” for PDFs.  You can easily post a link in the comment section, and we can all see your work. Again, I just learned to Skype last month (those teenagers are SO handy), so it’s not like I’m on the cutting edge of new technology or anything.

Quit Farting Around and Ripple the Universe Challenge #2.

Get off your toilets, or go sit on them if you need some peace, and find inspiration in the weird or gross around your house. Write, paint, sing, or do something with the strange nastiness around your house. If your kids produced the ick, don’t worry. They will survive a lifetime of your embarrassing renditions of their childhood moments. Big T. just got into the honor society at his college, no doubt developing his brilliance in all the communal bathrooms along the way.

Quit Farting Around and Ripple the Universe Challenge #3

What is the best piece of advice a writer or artist gave to you about your work? Make a blog post about it then put the link in the comment section.

Quit Farting Around and Ripple the Universe Challenge #4

Write about an item, piece of advice, or personality trait handed down to you by an older family member. Does this aid your creative process? How?

Quit Farting Around and Ripple the Universe Challenge #5

Take a WTF picture of your kids or other family member in a strange situation or doing something weird. Post it and write a funny caption.


Are you a visual artist? This site is cool: 

Carol Marine co-authored a book about blended families I really like called No One’s the Bitch. She also creates a painting a day and posts them on this site. She has other cool links on her site to titillate your paint brush.


Here are some challenges and link-ups to aid your creativity.


Mama’s Losin’ It

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