Redneck Story Minute

A Story from Three Points of View in 33 Words Each for the Trifecta Writing Challenge


Game Warden (as he’s writing the hunting violation ticket): “The way I see it, Mr. Monkey Dick West shot his brother, Mr. Buck Balls West, in the posterior region during a morning hunt when a turkey ran between them.”

Mr. Monkey Dick West (gesturing to his brother who is rubbing his sore butt in the leaves):  “I called in the turkey when this damn fool moons me! He turned and took aim at something behind him. His bare ass spooked the turkey. He deserved to get shot!”

Turkey (high-fiving his buddy):  “Next time, Thom, YOU get to peck Buck Balls in the butt during his morning constitutional in the woods while I run between them!”

While this little story is fictional (sort of) and these aren’t real people, I didn’t make up the first names of our hunter friends. Even I’m not twisted enough to come up with those.


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