Redemption at the Vet’s Office

ImageI’m so on a blog link-up roll! These writing challenges are an addictive hootenanny! I stole “hootenanny” from Lil’ K. She uses it to describe anything fun that she does, from dancing around the kitchen with me to chasing her imaginary friends around the kitchen.

Anyway, tonight, I’m linking up with Lillie McFerrin Writes: Five Sentence Fiction. The prompt word was “armor.” Here goes the grossness!

The young mother sat down heavily in the vet’s waiting room, her squash-stained camisole and shorts the only armor between her nervous system, her two screaming children, and her whining crackhead dog.  The oldest child was whining because she had lost the plastic treat that went with her Floppy Puppy toy, the youngest was screaming for cookies, and the dog was moaning in pain with a mystery ailment that the beleaguered mother prayed the vet could diagnose and fix.

The dog’s groans turned into a horrid retching sound, its sides caving in and expanding until it deposited a puddle of green chunky goo on the floor. The two children stopped wailing long enough to check out the mess, while the mother put her head in her hands and silently begged the Universe to throw her a bone.  

The mother looked up just in time to see her oldest reach into the puddle of puke and hold up what appeared to be a dripping piece of plastic and squeal, “Look, Mommy! It’s the Floppy Puppy’s bone that I was looking for!”   


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